Community Activities

We heard at recent strategy sessions how many activities go on across the district with local communities.  This page is to recognise and to share that activity.  Please send me details / pictures of any activity that you're aware of so that we can build up the view on this page This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some Examples are :

- Food Bank - even Beavers helping here

- Twinning arrangements through churches

- Citizens for Sanctuary help with refugees

- Rememberance / Armistice Day


Project / Volunteer Matching Noticeboard

We'll be setting up a noticeboard here listing both volunteering opportunities in the district and those who are looking for an opportunity.


Community Impact Badge

The Community Impact badge was seen as something that we should encourage across the district, partly so that we can showcase the huge amount of work already going on.


Local Charity Partner

There's an appetite to select one or more key local charity partners.  More on this shortly as we set up a survey on that.