Invertrossachs Cabin with Loch Venachar in shot


Invertrossachs is a district-run campsite approximately 7 km from Callander. It is located in the grounds of Invertrossachs Estate on the south shore of Loch Venachar, within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park (O.S. sheet 57, MR 578 049). The Trossachs is also Clan MacGregor country and, in days long gone, home of one of Scotland's most famous highland rogues, Rob Roy MacGregor.

The site consists of 3 camping areas and mature woodland on the south side of the estate road, with a cabin, boatsheds, toilets, shower block, activity/games area and car park on the north side of the road. Each campsite can accommodate several patrols.

There is no resident warden on site.

Getting there: The site is reached from Callander town centre by taking the A81 Glasgow road then, at a mini-roundabout, bearing right on a minor road signposted Invertrossachs. The road beyond the junction at Gartchonzie Bridge is a single track ‘No Through Road’, and is public as far as the estate lodge gates. Proceed along the private road carefully for approximately 2 km. This section of road is normally very busy with walkers and cyclists, so please observe the 20 m.p.h. speed limit.

The location is pinpointed here on google maps. The PostCode FK17 8HG for SatNav identifies the cottages of the tiny village of Invertrossachs which is another 2km along the loch-side road.

Please note that the road from Callander is unsuitable for coaches or large trucks.

The Estate Road, being private, carries little traffic other than estate residents, service vehicles, and passing walkers and cyclists, so the site should be relatively undisturbed. However, this road bisects the site so all campers must be vigilant when crossing the road.

Stirling and Trossachs Scout Council do not own the site, but lease the ground from the Estate Management, so the sensible behaviour of all users is paramount to our continued occupancy of the site. We ask you to comply with certain conditions in order to maintain this cordial relationship.

The Scout Centre, which includes East and West Burnside and the Woodland campsites, is the only location where scouts can camp on the Estate - wild camping and bivouacking is not permitted anywhere else. Fires must not be lit within the Estate other than on the scout campsites.

You are free to explore, on foot or bike, the paths and tracks throughout the estate, but vehicles must not be taken beyond the Scout Centre. Invertrossachs House and the Estate Cottages at the west end of the Estate road are on private land, and their privacy should be respected, as should other properties on the estate.

DO NOT fell any trees on the Estate, alive or dead – they are not ours to fell. Axes and saws should not be taken into the woods; there is plenty of windblown timber on the ground. The use of chainsaws is not permitted. Some pioneering poles are available in the rack adjacent to the boatshed.

During the summer months the Scottish midge can be a bit of a nuisance, and Invertrossachs gets its share of these tiny biting insects (usually from mid-May to mid-September). The best way to avoid getting bitten, is to cover up and apply insect repellent to exposed skin. Wearing a midge head-net may look silly but should be considered.

Ticks are becoming more prevalent throughout Scotland due to climate change. In a very few cases a tick bite can be serious if the tick itself is infected with Lyme Disease. Leaders should be aware of this so that you know, in advance, what precautions to take to reduce the chances of being bitten, how to deal with tick bites and what action to take if you suspect something more serious.
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